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Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre is the home of Ron and Sandy Paterson.

After 29 years in the beautiful Dayboro Valley, Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre is now located in the peaceful, rural area of Marburg, at the edge of the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia; Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre focuses on quality training and coaching in equestrian sports. Dealing primarily with the performance sports of  Dressage,  Eventing and Show Jumping, this centre prides itself on always functioning with the utmost quality and on true and correct training methods, to enhance every horse’s and rider’s development, helping them to reach their full potential.


Ron and Sandy Paterson have been involved with performance horses for almost 60 years. The depth and extent of their knowledge is always evident in the care, presentation and performance of the horses they work with.


Ron Paterson’s expertise is immense. His credentials include NCAS Level 3 Coach (General); NJAS Level A Judge; Coach Educator; Judge Educator; Judge Mentor. Age restrictions have meant that Ron can no longer hold his FEI International Eventing Judge accreditation but he enjoyed many years in this role, judging in India, Thailand, New Zealand, and for several years at the Adelaide International Horse Trials. As a younger person Ron judged Show Horse, including Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin Royals and other major hack events along the east coast of Australia, and he also enjoyed judging Dressage Young Horse classes.

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Sandy Paterson competed successfully when younger, but now concentrates on organising the care and handling of the horses based at Hilltop Farm. The stable management is exemplary and the centre prides itself on every horse in its care being happy and healthy, ready to perform at its best. This was ratified when a visiting vet commented; “I have never been to a place like this where every horse is so happy”.


Over the years an integral part of the daily hard work at the centre has been our ‘working pupil’. It is with great pride that the centre thanks and congratulates Liz Hunt and Harvey Besley on their efforts and achievements, and the wonderful Rebekka Craig who, after six years of great work, was ‘kicked out’ to explore some exciting opportunities overseas. Bek’s keenness and enthusiasm to learn, and her dedication to ‘doing things the right way’ meant that she was able to move to England and work as second-head for William Fox-Pitt (at that time the world no. 1 FEI Eventing rider).


Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre P/L is available to take horses for training in dressage, eventing and show jumping, arrange for coaching clinics and individual lessons with Ron Paterson. (see Clinics and Contact Us) and to assist in selecting a suitable competition horse.

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