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Some of the kind words from our customers and friends.

Ron has always been great value as trainer and coach- he’s only improving with age!

We “imported” Ron Paterson for years to Far North Queensland when he was SEQ’s best kept dressage training and coaching secret.  The secret is long since out.

Ron has the goods, knows how to put his ideas across, never accepts less than excellence, inspires the dedicated to try harder.

Ron has been a coach and friend and inspiration to me for years, no decades now.  I’ve never known Ron to take his eye off the ball whether in the bigger picture of applying what he learned in his time in Germany, or in the minutiae of a training session where every detail must be correct.

For over a decade Ron was our domestic instructor at my training centre in FNQ.  He was a constant in our varying program of amazing Europeans who came to us.  We never found Ron’s style or his knowledge to contradict the imports.  And Ron’s dedication to the sport, whether as coach or judge or trainer or competitor, was always principled and inspirational.

CHRISTINE DOAN- Australian Olympic Dressage Representative, Barcelona Olympics

Currently Glen Haven Park are training 38 showjumping horses for the first ever Singapore Youth Olympic Games.  These horses have to be capable of confidently jumping 1.20m and be well educated on the flat, for the Youth competitors at the Olympic events this August.  As part of our training regime, my training team, who include Olivia Hamood, Emma Smith and Tom Sedger and I have been having fortnightly dressage training with Ron Paterson for the past 10 months.

I feel that the dressage training with Ron has definitely helped to improve our overall riding and training ability and has assisted with fine tuning our aptitude for connecting with the horses.  As we ride up to 12 different horses per day, it is very important to adapt to the varied sensitivities and temperaments of these horses and we all agree that Ron’s dressage training has assisted us in this area.

Dressage is a very important part of training showjumping horses and plays an essential role in educating a horse from the very beginning through to Grand Prix level and we find that Ron’s assistance is greatly valued.  Ron’s teaching method is universal and I believe that this is a vital characteristic for any high-quality educator.  Ron’s training technique and universal method is not only easy to understand and relate to, it is useful for promoting versatility in the rider, whatever the chosen equestrian discipline.


paula hamood testimonial

I owe much to Ron Paterson for his teaching of the correct basics to me over the last twelve years. Ron proved that with correct training and hard work, even horses not bred for Dressage can in fact achieve and in my case, helped me train myself, my 15hh Galloway, “Briary Heysen” (Riding Pony /Thoroughbred X)  up to and competing successfully at Intermediate 1 level and training some Intermediate II and Grand Prix movements.

The results speak for themselves.

• Queensland YR Novice and Elementary Champions.

• Winning the Royal Adelaide Show Open Elementary and Medium Dressage events.

•  Selection onto the Australian Young Rider Dressage Squad two years running

• At National YR Champs in Victoria winning the Medium and Advanced Championships.

• At the National Dressage Champs in the YR class we won the Medium Championship.

• Won the SA EFA YR Scholarship twice

• Won best performed YR of the Year twice

• On SA YR and then Senior Dressage squad until Briary Heysen’s retirement

Ron is able to instil the correct basics in Dressage work and prove that “ordinary horses” CAN compete at FEI level with the correct training.

Thank you very much Ron.


elizabeth hunt testimonial

I must tell you she is going fantastic on the flat now I’m very happy with her I work on all the things you have told me with her and her canter has improved so much.

I’ve just had 1 show since I got home with her and she had a 1st and a 3rd in the 1.35m’s.


olivia hamood testimonial

I also wanted to let you know of some major improvements in my recent competition results that have come from my changed position and more forward riding i.e. a direct result of Ron’s coaching:

• canter work has gone from a weakness (5) to a strength (7)

• simple changes were getting 5-6 and are now getting 7-7.5

• flying changes to the right were getting 5 and are now getting 7

• turn on the haunches was getting 5-6 and is now a 7-7.5

I know we’ve only worked on improving forward and not on any of these actual movements, but wow what a difference!


From show jumper to the higher movements of FEI Dressage! Thanks so much Ron for making my dreams come true.


My daughter Aimee has been coached by Ron Paterson since she was eight years of age (the past seven years).  During that time she has not only learned excellent riding skills, she has also learnt respect and discipline which will stand her in good stead in all aspects of her life.


What an achievement! Thank you Ron for taking my young colt from a newly broken youngster to a highly competitive young dressage horse; all in the honour of my late wife Diane Brown. The horse was then sold to overseas interests.


john brown testimonial

I would like to thank Ron and Sandy for all of their help and support with my riding.

The knowledge and experience I have gained from Ron as my coach and Sandy for sharing her extensive experience and stable knowledge has given me the opportunity to enjoy my horses at a level that would not otherwise have been possible.  Because I am receiving such great fundamentals in my training gives me enormous confidence to deal with the day to day details and challenges that are presented by horses and situations.

I look forward to my lessons with Ron, they are always different, challenging and fun!

2008 PCAQ 12 & Under Dressage Champion

2008 PCAQ 12 & Under Combined Training Champion

2008 PCAQ 12 & Under Horse Trails Champion


daisy may testimonial

I couldn’t wait until my next lesson to share my results with Amelia on Sunday, at the Caboolture 1 star!

In the 1A we scored 67.25% and equal 1st place with a rider I really admire.

In the 1D, we placed 4th, with 64%, only 1% behind the 2nd and 3rd place riders, with the winner scoring 69%.

We had big improvements on things like the halts (7’s) and canter work (also some 7’s!). The contact has improved a lot, although we still got some comments about this. i was really pleased to receive comments like “good impulsion”! All that forward riding and “quick, quick, quick!!” is paying off! 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement at how much Amelia and I have been improving since our lessons with Ron. We still have lots to work on before we start moving up the levels, however it’s really encouraging to see the progress reflected in improved scores and comments.


Ron and Sandra Paterson have schooled and stabled horses for us on numerous occasions during our association with them.  Their attention to detail at the stables, in the paddocks and with the feeding and schooling regimes is unsurpassed.  All the horses in their care are treated as individuals with professionalism.


kirstie fossett testimonial

How am I finding Ron Paterson as a riding coach? I was at a point in my riding career where I had to make a decision on whether or not to continue riding at all due to some significant confidence problems; I found the reality of riding quite daunting, I just had no confidence. I had purchased Dodger, a very kind and quiet horse but who has confidence issues of his own and who therefore requires a lot of direction – not the best combination!

When looking for a local instructor I came across Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre; Ron had extremely impressive credentials which made me a little concerned as I thought that maybe I would just be to inexperienced for this level of instruction. However I asked around our town and heard nothing but great reports, from all sorts of horse people, from showies to camp drafters! So I thought I would give it a go. I was quite prepared to quit even during the lesson if I was unhappy with any part of it.

And, oh my gosh was I more than pleasantly surprised!! Ron is a wizard! His sensitivity and understanding both of myself and just as importantly my horse (who to the best of my knowledge has also never had formal dressage training) is amazing. After just one lesson, my confidence was significantly improved and Dodger and I both so much happier. Ron sent us home with some homework that was well within reach and easy to do, and kept the momentum from the lesson going. After another lesson I was just even more excited!

I am so very grateful to Ron Paterson and the team at Hilltop, it is so wonderful to get back that feeling of having a horse and yourself going forward confidently and as a partnership, I would highly recommend anyone of any riding ability or level to have a few lessons with Ron, I can guarantee you and your horse will both enjoy and learn from the experience.


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